• Lindsey Te Ata o Tu MacDonald

    Lecturer @ University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    Director, researcher, adviser @ ltmacdonald.com

    Partner @ Humantei.com

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    Director, ltmacdonald.com

    helping employers and businesses listen

    Quick, cost effective advice on the attitudes of customers or employees. Use me to make sure the large survey is not just a referendum on the survey writers' awareness, but is instead based in the stories your customers or employees tell themselves about your products or services.

    University of Canterbury

    Lecturer (Political Science) Jul 2008 - Present

    Lecturing in political theory, and a sometime institutionalist.

    Working papers at academic.edu

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    University Research Profile

    New Zealand Ethics Committee

    Member 2013 onwards

    The New Zealand Ethics Committee is a national ethics advisory committee (pro bono), based in Dunedin, serving any researcher not eligible for ethics review from the standing institutional or health and disability ethics committees. Many research projects from professional, community and government researchers fall outside this narrow realm of health or university based research. Click here for more information

    Member @ University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee

    since 2007


    Attempting to model the respect I hope researchers show for their participants, by respecting the applicants in the review process. Believing that a conversation that will do much more to embed research integrity than any amount of regulation. All the while remembering the lessons of the Cartwright inquiry (et al.). See the "New Brunswick Declaration"...

    Chair @ University of Canterbury Human Ethics Committee

    September 2012-May 2016

    Supporting the work of the members, on call for researchers, and ensuring the committee supported and facilitated research while holding researchers to community and scholarly standards of research integrity.

    University of Canterbury

    Research Consultant-Maori (Acting) Aug 2011 - Dec 2012

    Put in place a Maori consultation policy that included mana whenua & Maori academics. Day to day advice to researchers on Maori responsiveness. Managed Maori consultation processes.

    University of Canterbury

    Lecturer (Maori Department) Jul 2003 - Jul 2008

    Lecturing Maori politics courses. Introduced Treaty course at 100 level, Maori & State politics at 300 level, & political theory of indigenous rights at Hons.

    State Services Commission

    Consultant Advisor Jul 1999 - Jun 2003

    Helping out with development of policy frame and consequentials for the Crown Entities Act, and other less consequential but nevertheless necessary machinery of government issues.
    Being useful at the SSC kept me sane and focussed on practical matters while working on the PhD.

    State Services Commission

    Policy Advisor Jul 1997 - Jul 1999

    Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Maori Development)

    Policy Analyst Jul 1996 - Jul 1997

  • Education

    University of Canterbury

    Political Science, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1999 - 2008

    My musings on the connection between property and politics. Weirdly, hardly discussed in the C20th except by applied ethicists. Academia.edu hosts my papers and my PhD.

    University of Canterbury

    Political Science, MA

    Analysing the public theories that argue for the settlement of Maori claims against the state.